through the eyes of a stranger

This is not what I think I look like.
2013-10-01 11.08.41
I’m not sure what I think I look like, but this isn’t it. In my mind, I don’t look like somebody’s mom who used to be cool, but that’s the first thing I see here. Also an apple shaped gal. And Why am I standing like that with my arm out to the side? Am I in pain?

The above was taken by the coffee cart guy on 31st and 7th. (Did you know that he starts his day at 4am? Ya. AND THEN goes home, goes to the gym, and helps his daughter with her homework. I can barely make myself dinner every night…) He watched as I tried an experiment where I asked a bunch of people to take a picture of me standing in the same spot.  I was hoping that that I might, perhaps, get a glimpse of how different random people see the same thing – in this case, me. The whole think took less that seven minutes. Continue reading

just for show

one thing that I love about people is how they choose to connect with the rest of the world.

lamb comp 01

sometimes we do things that say “I am protected and you can’t hurt me.”

saint cards comp

sometimes we want to say, “I am a champion.”

2012-05-11 15.12 CC01

sometimes we need company.

2013-04-19 12.29.50 cc01

owl comp

sometimes we want you to know that we are sad,

2013-04-03 13.02.23-1

or proud,

flag window 01

or maybe grateful.

2013-03-27 12.51.17 CC01

after the bloom

I want to become more intimate with what happens after the bloom.


Obsession with youth and its journey toward full blossom surrounds us. I want to explore the value of age, wear, history – the way down.


The photographs in this group are extreme closeup looks at nature past its prime.


I really wanted to get in there an create images that present multilayer experience – at once abstract and colorful but then again maybe not so pretty.


The quiet breath they evoke has helped me grieve, learn not to grieve, and then appreciate each moment for what it is right now.