one right after the other, i swear.


If your heart is in your dream

sometimes, in my dreams at night, i get to see friends that are long gone and it’s always so nice to be able to get that visit .


No request is too extreme

for a long time i thought that my luck had just ran out. i realized like a clap of thunder that sometimes i’m not going to get what i know deep down in my heart of hearts i deserve. i really could end up alone in a SRO never having done anything or been anyone. when i  was little my dad said that god hears all our prayers and sometimes the answer is no. so i was like what’s the point of that? why bother?


When you wish upon a star

a lot later somebody told me that if i’d open myself up to people, god would open its self up to me.


As dreamers do

so here i am. here. with you.

sometimes it feels like i’m reaching out in the scary dark looking for the light switch, hoping that a monster doesn’t grab my hand.


know what i mean?

2 thoughts on “one right after the other, i swear.

  1. I came out of a friends bldg on 2nd Ave the other day, and there were dozens of little stars on the pavement. the gold kind we got on good test papers when we were kids. I thought of photographing them and sending it to you but it felt wrong.

    discovering them is part of your journey
    helping me see them is part of your journey
    seeing them for the first time is part of mine.

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