i don’t panic over lonely

july 9: broadway and bleeker

i panic over the thought of being lonely. i embrace lonely. look at how many songs i’ve gotten out of it.

i like being alone. in fact, most of the things i like to do are things you do alone. pictures, listen to/play music, read, cook…

i mean, i like to run around. stay out late. cause trouble. but lately i have not one smidgen of small talk in me. i just don’t give a fucking shit. that makes me feel lonely.

july 10 9th st and 1st ave

i always go in these cycles that are similar to breathing. there are times when i need to create and go out and do and say. then there are other times when i take everything in and watch and listen and process.

the breathing in is a lonely lonely time.


but in a way it’s the most exciting becuase anything could happen.
i love/hate that.