frito butt

have you ever seen such amazing bedhead?

i’ve decided to see if i can find 101 ways to eat fritos.i think i’ve eaten them in every non-breakfast meal in the last 4 days.

when i was little, my friend kari and i, and sometimes barbie saloom when were weren’t fighting, would spend an hour or two of our time making crank phone calls. the “is your refrigerator running?” or “do you have prince albert in a can?” skits were naturally completely lame and for your mom. we were totes new school in our style.

my personal favorite was “good afternoon you have just won a THOUSAND pounds of POPCORN please pick it up at your nearest A&P WEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” i would say this all in one breath as if it were the alphabet i was trying to recite all in one burp. i usually didn’t make it all the way to the end without crumbling into choking fits of laughter.

kari, the master of all things good, would just hold the phone to her face and screw up this oddly possessed sounding frog voice unleashing an unholy “FREEETOBUTT!!!!!” into the mouthpiece before slamming the phone down with the look of utter satisfaction of a job well done. it was her jam. that kari was one of a kind.