belated stars and whatnot

dec 1: houston and varick

i know i’ve been lagging. i’m sorry. i’m just so fucking weary i can barely get my head off the pillow everyday. but all is beautiful in spite of me.

dec 2: 9th st and 1st ave

i think it’s been about a year since i’ve started noting the stars of the city. i kinda want to start looking for something else now, but sometimes shit just has to come to me. i can’t go looking for it.

dec 2: 9th st and 1st ave

i’m letting myself relax a little. aganst my better judgement, mind you. i’m sick of my knee-jerk defenses. i feel tiny and on the verge of tears and ready to beat the crap out of anybody who looks at me the wrong way.

believe it or not, for me, this is relaxed.

my new favorite i think

nov 25: outside the ditmars blvd train station

totally 3D.


i took the long way on the train today so i could meditate. i think i was pretty good at “letting everything go”. i’m starting to figure out what all my latest hate is about. its about vagueness.

this week is the week of awareness.

guest star

nov 12 taxi in williamsburg

this star was captured by the lovliest on the way from chyodd’s birthday chili fest 2006 where i met the widge (hi widge!) and played bingo. i liked knowing that there are so many good folks out there just waiting to eat chili. i kinda feel like i’m in a friendship transition right now. its nice to know that there are options.

i wished i lived in chyodd and marina’s apartment. i need to work out that whole making a house a home thing.

latent stars

nov. i forget: n train

im being forced to deal with my constant mourning. if i don’t enjoy the lovely moments i’ve been having lately, i’m a total asshole.

nov i forget: broadway near houston

it’s really really hard not to be consumed with the inevitable sucker punch. but when you’ve been given the chance of a lifetime, you gotta suck it up a little.