it’s not so much the spinning as the back and forth


fasten your seat belts, ladies and gentlemen. please return you’re trays to their upright position and no smoking in the lavatories…….

you know what metaphor i’ve been hearing a lot lately? the one, used generally by people who can’t take care of themselves, about how if you’re flying on a plane with a child and the oxygen masks pop out of the ceiling, you need to place the mask over YOUR OWN FACE FIRST before you attend to the face of your child.

yes. life is like that. you can’t do anything for anyone unless you have your own thing together. but i can hold my breath for a minute. and i smoke. i find that the more concerned i am with how tight my own “oxygen mask” is, the less i can breathe.

just so you know? there is always room, always time, always more than enough to go around.

i just really feel like there’s some manning up that needs to happen.